The Most Biased Poll Ever

tumblr inline ocmo9g7OsY1t63ajm 540 The Most Biased Poll Ever

Note: Yes, I know a Twitter survey with a non-random sample has no scientific validity. And yes, I know my followers are not representative of the public. And yes, I know the survey question leads the witness.

Still, I found this interesting from a persuasion perspective:

The takeaway is that some substantial percentage of the public (but nowhere near 84%) agrees with the notion that Clinton is a bigot against white American men.

Note: Yes, I know white American men have had lots of advantages throughout history.… READ MORE

The Mental Vote

I have a hypothesis that many voters have already voted against Trump – in their minds – months before the first absentee votes are cast. The way that works is that a pollster calls someone who is considering voting for Trump – perhaps the week after the Khan controversy – and that voter decides to punish Trump for being offensive that week. So the wannabe-Trump-supporter “votes” against Trump. But only to the pollster. 

Mentally, the voter has now punished Trump for his bad behavior.… READ MORE

The Face of Persuasion

As regular readers of this blog know, both Trump and Clinton have chosen fear as their persuasion tool. Trump wants you to fear terrorists and criminals because he thinks he can make a persuasive case that he’s the solution to those fears. Clinton asks us to fear Trump himself, offering herself as the solution to that fear.

So which fear is stronger, persuasion-wise?

Trump makes us fear dangers that are unlikely to have a personal impact on most of us. It is deeply unlikely that any one specific person in America will die in a terror attack.… READ MORE

Finding the Political Bottom

tumblr inline ocismn8FCH1t63ajm 540 Finding the Political Bottom

Here in the USA, we’ve narrowed our search for a new leader to two lying, 70-year old racists. (You should see how bad the other 320 million of us are.)

I’m exaggerating, obviously. There are big differences in the candidates. For example, Clinton has allegedly killed lots of people in the past, whereas Trump will allegedly kill lots of people in the future. That’s very different, timing-wise.

But you probably came to this blog today to find out what I think of Clinton’s “Alt-Right” speech compared to Trump’s “bigot” speech.… READ MORE

Mexico’s Gain Might Also Help US

 Mexico’s Gain Might Also Help US

 Mexico’s Gain Might Also Help US

Mexico’s manufacturing economy is booming, according to an article published earlier this week in The Los Angeles Times. This manufacturing insurgence is fostering a growing middle class in that country, but what that means for American manufacturing and its middle class is still in question.

First, consider the numbers. The Los Angeles Times reports that Mexican exports are up 13 percent since 2012, and the country ranks seventh in the world’s car production. Major car companies including Chrysler, Honda, and Volkswagen currently have plants there, and Ford, Audi, and Toyota are planning to open facilities there within the next five years.… READ MORE

Clinton and Trump Switch Brands

Correct me if I’m wrong, but six months ago Donald Trump was nothing but a talking suit full of money and insults. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was an experienced politician full of policy substance.

Then they switched places.

The media tells us that today we will hear Clinton attack Trump with a lot of name-calling. She will also associate Trump with his fringe supporters, especially the racists. Clinton might mention something about policies, but none of that will make news.… READ MORE

Customer-Centric Supply Chain Planning: The Difference is in the Details

By Hellen Oti-Yeboah customer centric supply chain strategy Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning: The Difference is in the Details

I was fortunate to join the Arkieva team in strategy sessions with our Belgium team and European partner – Solventure. Since this was my first time visiting Belgium, I couldn’t help but notice the picturesque sceneries, the architecture, and how beautifully meals were presented. I started pondering if the locals saw all the details that I did on my trip on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps if I moved to Belgium, with time the details that I noticed during my trip would be minuscule because they would be the norm.… READ MORE

On a Positive Note…

It is easy to find ugliness in this election cycle, but I thought I would take a moment to point out two remarkable happenings that you might have missed.

Clinton and Trump are the most disliked candidates for president that this country has ever seen. And yet, see what they have accomplished without even getting elected…

Hillary Clinton has already broken the ultimate glass ceiling. I see no discussion – in private or in public – about the role of her gender.… READ MORE

Con Man or Hitler?

Heads are exploding at CNN as pundits try to define Trump’s repeated offers to help African-Americans as typical Hitler behavior. As my regular readers know, what we have here is a perfect trap for cognitive dissonance. The anti-Trumpers have created an identify for themselves – and in the media – as opposing Trump because he’s a racist. Then Trump goes and ruins their mental models by acting all non-racist.

This creates a situation in which the pundits either have to change their self-images and admit they were wrong about Trump all along, or they have to reinterpret Trump’s clearly non-racist actions as racist actions in disguise.… READ MORE

Cars and Cartels: Ethics and Supply Chain Professionals

 Cars and Cartels: Ethics and Supply Chain Professionals

 Cars and Cartels: Ethics and Supply Chain Professionals

Trust is at a low ebb for some in the European auto industry. Various automakers are facing investigations and fines for excessive diesel emissions. Investors are nervous about expensive R&D bets made on electric battery powertrains and SUV designs. On top of this, the German Federal Cartel Office reported making major raids on six automakers and parts suppliers on June 23, 2016 as part of a large steel price-fixing cartel investigation. If the German regulator finds evidence of steel price fixing, the companies face fines of up to 10% of their annual sales.… READ MORE

Clinton Dodges the Health Question on Kimmel

Watch the first minute of this clip to see Hillary Clinton use the “liar’s dodge” to avoid Jimmy Kimmel’s direct question “Are you in good health?”

When you ask an honest, healthy person if they are in good health, they say, “Yes.” They might also ask why you are inquiring. They might add some details. But they usually answer the question.

Clinton never answered the question about her health. All she did was mock the Trump supporters who keep bringing it up.… READ MORE

Making Mexico Pay for the Wall

Is it my imagination, or would a Trump presidency allow for more citizen participation than a Clinton presidency?

In a Clinton administration, citizens might expect that any good ideas bubbling up from voters would be squashed by the special interests. The lobbyists and industry insiders promote legislation for their own benefit, not for the public.

But Trump promises to ignore the moneyed interests. And he’s an entrepreneur at heart. In a Trump presidency, it is easy to imagine good ideas coming from the public and making it all the way to implementation.… READ MORE