Robots Read News 27 – Donald Trump’s new project.

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If your firewall is blocking the image you can see it .

And how well do computers recognize items in photographs? Not great yet, but that is changing quickly



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My book on success: “I’m only about halfway through but can definitely highly recommend it to anyone, young and old. It’s a quick read…but who would have guessed that I’d be highlighting so much that I want to go back to?!“ – Sarah  (Amazon 5-star review March 14, 2015)

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Call For Papers: GlobalSIP'15 Symposium on Signal and Information Processing for Optimizing Future Energy Systems

Posting this CFP per request of Dr. Hao Zhu. GlobalSIP’15 Symposium on Signal and Information Processing for Optimizing Future Energy Systems Orlando, Florida, USA, December 14-16, 2015


   Dr. Deepa Kundur (General Chair)
   Department of Electrical & Computer, Engineering University of Toronto, Canada

   Dr. Abdallah Farraj (Technical Co-Chair)
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Toronto, Canada

   Dr. Hao Zhu (Technical Co-Chair)
   Assistant Professor
   Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA


Globalization? Or Globaloney?

By Lora cecere

I studied strategy and international management during my MBA program because I like to look forward. Back then I wasn’t as interested in the numbers of business, and I still owe my friend Kevin at least a portion of my degree for helping me get through statistics.  So, while I may have hated it, I made it through accounting, finance and statistics, and it prepared me to enter Corporate America.

Back then I read books like The Tipping Point, The World Is Flat, and The Innovator’s Dilemma.… READ MORE

California Debate on Assisted Dying – Search for a Unicorn

California’s politicians are considering legislation on assisted dying. I plan to get involved in the debate but I have one problem: I can’t find anyone who is against it.

Can you help me find a human with an opposing opinion? If such a human exists, he or she must be as rare as a unicorn because I can’t find that person.

My understanding is that at least two organizations oppose the legislation. The AMA is opposed to doctors being in the business of assisting death.… READ MORE

Clouds: A Beautiful Thing for Sure!

By Lora Cecere sati 300x259 Clouds: A Beautiful Thing for Sure!

I have been an analyst for over a decade. Two years at Gartner Group, six years at AMR Research (now Gartner), two years at Altimeter Group and three years as the founder of Supply Chain Insights. Over this period, I have watched the acceptance of cloud-based supply chain solutions evolve. In 2002, there was no interest. In studies from the periods of 2006-2008, there was slow adoption of 15-20%, and today, the supply chain leader prefers a cloud-based solution.… READ MORE

Robots Read News of the Kraft/Heinz Merger

tumblr inline nlvqt8pT1q1t63ajm 500 Robots Read News of the Kraft/Heinz Merger

If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.

Humor Dimensions: Recognition, mean, clever, bizarre

Brevity: Good (could lose the word “have” in first panel)

Inappropriateness: High (bathroom humor)

Predicted Twitter Response: Expect lots of retweets despite bathroom humor because the message about nutrition is important to folks and the naughtiness is softened by the silliness of it.



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Using Macroeconomic Data and Predictive Business Analytics to Forecast Sales at Ferro

By Gleb Drobkov Gleb Drobkov Using Macroeconomic Data and Predictive Business Analytics to Forecast Sales at Ferro

Gleb Drobkov

David Henison

In this blog post, we will outline:

1. The reasoning for creating a predictive sales model (PSM) at a global diversified chemical company such as Ferro

2. Our approach to selecting the right data and building out a regression model to forecast sales.

The Business Case

The volume and velocity of data has grown exponentially in the past decade. Economic indicator data that used to be unreliable and hard to find is now ubiquitous and commoditized.… READ MORE

The Era of Humans – Ending Soon

tumblr inline nlveo8tXFr1t63ajm 500 The Era of Humans   Ending Soon

I believe the Era of Humans will end in my organic lifetime. I expect to see the first humans transfer their minds into non-organic vessels (meaning software, maybe robot bodies) within twenty years. In fifty years, no human will want to suffer through an organic lifestyle. It just won’t make sense.

If you dismissed my opening paragraph as ridiculous, you are probably not up-to-date on technology. This is real, and probably inevitable, with normal advances in technology. You can debate timing, but the folks with the most knowledge of this field see it coming. 

Creating AI from scratch might never happen if it involves some sort of impossible-to-know insight about human minds.… READ MORE

A Tipping Point?

By Lora Cecere food table A Tipping Point?

Yesterday morning, I woke to learn the news. H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group were merging. The press release, sprayed with superlatives of goodness, promises great things; but as I read it, I smiled. This, I believe, is a sign of a new wave of merger mania.

Let’s start with the facts. The merged company will be the third largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth in the world. The new company will have revenues of $28 Billion with eight $1 billion brands.… READ MORE

Humor Writing Tutorial

How hard is it to write three sentences for my experimental web comic Robots Read News

Probably harder than it looks.

I think of the writing process as having about eighteen layers. And one of those layers has six dimensions. If you get any of it wrong, your writing lays on the side of the road like a squirrel that had a bad day last week.

How much technique is involved in writing versus, say, instinct? Natural talent? If I know my readers, you will be interested in the answers to those questions because you might pick up some useful tips.… READ MORE

There is no Supply Chain Zen

By Sumeet Mahajan 14c8bfaf 9a5a 4274 b134 33252566537b There is no Supply Chain Zen

“The things we fear most in organizations — fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances”, part of a famous quote, which I promise to complete later, summarizes the very things that keep most supply chain and operations executives awake at night. The difficulty lies in better predicting these imbalances, and effectively planning to prepare for them. The challenge of optimal deployment of capacity and inventory – what, where, when and how much – will determine how well you deliver value to your shareholders.… READ MORE