Morally Acceptable Behavior

According to this poll, a majority of Americans now find physician-assisted dying to be morally acceptable behavior.

That doesn’t mean the practice should be legal, obviously. There are lots of practical considerations. But the majority no longer sees it as a moral failing.

On a related matter, I have been noodling on the question of how best to reduce the number of coerced physician-assisted deaths in places where it is legal. There is no perfect solution, but I think social media could someday be part of it.… READ MORE

Robots Read News – about FIFA

tumblr inline np2arkmiP61t63ajm 540 Robots Read News   about FIFA

If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.

In Top Tech Blog

Use a 3D printer to make prosthetic limbs. Google want the world to have this capability and soon.

Now we can brainwash poor people from space!

And the electric-powered helicopter-airplane is coming. Let me know when Uber starts flying them.

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Dignity and Other Obstacles to Success

In my recent post on physician-assisted death, in which I ran the debate through the so-called Rationality Engine, some of you were disappointed that my verdict was not a verdict. My summary was that a person who values human dignity above freedom could rationally be opposed to physician-assisted death, and vice-versa.

A person of faith, for example, might value human dignity higher than freedom because God graced us with the former but mere human laws define our freedoms. One might say a big point of religion is to constrain human freedoms (especially the bad impulses) to preserve human dignity and in that way show respect for one’s creator.… READ MORE

Rethinking the How….

By Lora Cecere analytics Rethinking the How….

The sun is shining brightly through the conference room windows as I listen to the consultants talk. It is buzzword bingo at its finest. The air is thick. It is comical. The term Big Data is all the range. The market has dried up for large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the large consultants are in the market staking their claim for their next gig.

For me, buzzword bingo on Big Data is bad. It includes Internet of Things, Digital of Everything, and Commerce of Anything.… READ MORE

How to Be Not-Scary

An hour ago I heard my assistant opening a door that I happened to be standing near. It was one of those situations likely to scare the heck out of her. I was an adult male in an unexpected place, and too close. As a courtesy, I decided to act as not-scary as possible. I had about one second to plan my presentation.

A second wasn’t long enough. She won’t need any coffee today.

But in that one second I went through a lot of possible options for my posture, demeanor, and general expression.… READ MORE

The Lonely Geek Advantage

A few months ago my brother was in town and we spent much of our time tinkering with a new lighting system for my garage man-cave, tracking down some Ethernet wiring problems, learning how to edit video, connecting an old computer to an old television to display my website analytics, and a few other projects.

Geeky stuff.

How much did we enjoy it? A lot. My brother’s visit was the highlight of my month. Everything we worked on had a functional purpose, but the reason we allocated our leisure time to it is because it was fun.… READ MORE

Never be left stranded with a two-bin inventory control system (Part 2)

By Mike Gilliland 2 bin Inventory 240x169 Never be left stranded with a two bin inventory control system (Part 2) The Two-Bin Inventory Control System

A two-bin inventory control system is designed to never leave you stranded

So what is a two-bin inventory control system? Whether you realize it or not, you are probably very familiar with the concept. In fact, if you are reading this on a tablet or smartphone, you may be sitting next to one right now (see photo).

According to, the two-bin system is mainly used for small or “low value” items. (While we’re not here to debate the value of toilet paper to western society, this blogger, for one, believes that Investopedia seriously underestimates it.) Here’s how a two-bin system works:

Two identically sized bins are used to hold the item in inventory.… READ MORE

Never be left stranded with a two-bin inventory system (Part 1)

By Mike Gilliland

As discussed in the last BFD post, sometimes a difficult and expensive problem doesn’t have to be solved — it can simply be avoided.

When the teetering boulder threatened the baby below the cliff, we removed the baby and no longer had to worry about propping up the boulder. When it seems a retailer has to forecast every item, every week, at every store — maybe they don’t. Instead of generating what can be millions of item / store / week forecasts, which probably aren’t going to be very accurate anyway, it may be sufficient to forecast at the item / DC level and use inventory management practices to stock the stores.… READ MORE

Death by SEO

As most of you know, several years ago I lost my ability to speak due to a rare condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia. My doctor and the specialists that he recommended were baffled. No one knew what was causing it. And until you have a name for your problem, it is nearly impossible to find a solution.

After a year of searching online for every variation of “voice problem,” and finding nothing like my symptoms, I finally – by luck or inspiration – landed on a search term that changed my life: “Voice dystonia.”

I had some history with a pinky spasm caused by overuse of my drawing hand.… READ MORE

Are You Feeding the Beast? Or Driving Progress in Your Business?

By Lora Cecere sales and operations planning 1024x580 Are You Feeding the Beast? Or Driving Progress in Your Business?

As a mom, I loved to read to my daughter. One of my favorites was … I loved the imagery in this short story of 338 words.

The story is about a young boy, Max, who after dressing himself in his wolf costume, wreaks havoc in his house. As a result, Max goes to bed without his supper. The story unfolds as Max’s bedroom undergoes a mysterious transformation into a jungle environment, and he winds up sailing to an island inhabited by malicious beasts known as the “Wild Things.” After successfully intimidating the creatures, the Wild Things crown him KING.… READ MORE