When Art Directors Take Sides

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Check out the photos chosen for an article in Business Insider today. On the left, we have Clinton in full-scold mode. I’m sure a better Clinton photo exists. 

On the right, we see the best photo of Trump in the past five years. His hair is evolving to something less wild, and less orange. (His campaign is managing his evolving look, I assume.) And even his tan looks better than usual. He has a fun grin too.

What is the topic of the article?… READ MORE

New Ideas for Team Building

 New Ideas for Team Building

 New Ideas for Team Building

The headline “How Coty Reinvigorated Its Supply Chain,” encouraged me to read with keen interest last week’s article in Harvard Business Review. Coty is a global beauty company, and its fragrance and color cosmetics portfolio includes such well-known brands as Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Sally Hansen, and others.

According to Harvard Business Review, in 2010 Coty was rapidly expanding through acquisitions and internal growth. Its supply chain leaders sought to “align, integrate, and further accelerate improvements,” write Tom Halton, vice president of supply chain for color cosmetics at Coty, and Ken Perlman, affiliate at Kotter International, in the article.… READ MORE

Five Customer Product Segmentation Pitfalls to Avoid

By Bram Desmet business 1370954 1920 Five Customer Product Segmentation Pitfalls to Avoid

Many organizations are segmenting customers and products to improve EBIT and working capital or to implement their strategy more consistently. Although segmentation initially seems to be little more than a logical reflection on the customer and product portfolio, it is actually a lot more complex than that. When embarking on a customer product segmentation exercise, keep in mind the following pitfalls.

Treating customer product segmentation as two separate worlds

Some organizations prefer to focus on just one of the two forms of segmentation, rather than combining them.… READ MORE

The Sanders Debate Gambit

Last night Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and said he would debate Bernie Sanders so long as the profits from the debate go to charity. Sanders quickly agreed via Twitter. There’s your headline for a few days, or more.

Let me tell you how clever that was.

By agreeing to debate Sanders, Trump minimizes Clinton and embarrasses her. It will look to the public as if she’s hiding, afraid to debate. 

By tying a Sanders debate to charity, Trump signals that Sanders isn’t a “real” opponent.… READ MORE

Citizen Government

Slander is illegal, but hard to prove. And if you lose your case in court, it can be super-expensive. You’ll end up paying your own court fees and those of your opponent. In other words, the government can’t help you if someone slanders you in public. You’re sort of on your own.

So when publications such as Huffington Post, Salon, or Gawker come after me with out-of-context claims of outragism – as they have – I can fight back as a citizen, within the laws of the land, but that’s all I have going for me.… READ MORE

The Mark Cuban Factor

Mark Cuban has hilariously inserted himself into the presidential race. In one of the most canny moves of our age, he suggested he was open to being VP on either Trump’s or Clinton’s team, as long as they changed to agree with him.

And that won’t happen. Can’t have the tail wagging the dog. So Cuban is out of the picture for anyone’s VP choice. But it sure makes good TV.

(Sanders is not an option for VP for the same reason.… READ MORE

Do You Have a Bimodal Supply Chain?

By Sujit Singh statue 1010936 1920 Do You Have a Bimodal Supply Chain?

I attended the Gartner conference in Phoenix and heard from many speakers and analysts. The key theme at the conference was that of a bimodal supply chain. For those who did not attend, this phrase might not mean much. In this post, I will try to explain this phrase.

In simple terms, the talk seemed to be that there are two modes of doing business. One mode focuses on doing something steady and have done it for years.… READ MORE

Battle of the Campaign Slogans

Hillary Clinton rolled out a new campaign slogan this weekend: “We’re stronger together.” And by new slogan, I mean it is the same as a recent Estee Lauder ad campaign slogan. But Trump borrowed from Reagan with his “Make America Great Again” slogan, so let’s score it a tie in terms of originality.

Now let’s see how the slogans compare in terms of persuasion. I’ll start with Trump’s slogan first, then look at Clinton’s new offering.

Make America Great Again

Trump’s slogan uses the following persuasion techniques:


Dilbert by Jake Tapper?

If you’re wondering why Dilbert looks different today, it’s because I asked CNN anchor and host Jake Tapper to be my guest artist for the week of 5/23/16. I wrote six daily comics for the week and Jake did the art. You can see them on the home page starting with the first one today.

Jake suggested auctioning the framed original art on eBay to raise money for Homes for our Troops, and that sounded great to me. HFOT is organization that builds mortgage-free, specially designed homes for disabled veterans. … READ MORE

Better Relationships for Your Bottom Line

 Better Relationships for Your Bottom Line

 Better Relationships for Your Bottom Line

Trust and positive relationships with suppliers lead to more than general goodwill for automakers. According to Planning Perspectives President John W. Henke Jr., it can mean winning a supplier’s newest technology and most innovative designs, plus getting the best prices. This week, The Detroit News highlighted the results of the 2016 North America Automotive OEM Buyer-Supplier Study, conducted by Planning Perspectives.

General Motors (GM) mounted a big comeback this year, moving from last to fourth place on the study’s index, which ranks the six largest automakers in North America by their relationships with suppliers.… READ MORE

My Podcast with Thor (About Trump’s Persuasion)

I don’t mean Thor of the big hammer. This Thor uses a microphone (@ThorHolt). You can consume it three ways.

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Libsyn - ‘Persuade Like Trump’

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Being Memorable

See this article in FastCompany about how to be memorable, and note how many of the tips apply to Donald Trump. You can’t be a persuader until you are memorable. Most of the persuading happens after the persuasion trigger event, when people replay the memory in their minds.

Low-energy Jeb, Low-energy Jeb.

Build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it!

Lyin’ Ted, Lyin’ Ted

Crooked Hillary, Crooked Hillary

We remember nearly everything Trump wants us to remember while forgetting a lot of inconvenient facts he would like us to forget.… READ MORE