Third Party is the Perfect Place for Logistics Professionals

By scn
25a733e Third Party is the Perfect Place for Logistics Professionals

There has been much discussion on what Logistics is and the emerging role and recognition of the importance of Logistics professionals within organizations. In fact a recent post of mine even asserted that ‘Logistics is the New Black!’

Highlighting this point, the Logistics profession continues to grow rapidly and is projected to grow 22% by 2022 (27,600 jobs) a rate much faster than the average of all occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

My premise here is that the most desirable future role for these individuals is not working within actual retail and manufacturing organizations proper, but as key players in Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider companies where their interest and expertise are perfectly aligned with the core business of their employer.… READ MORE

Starting to Write a Dilbert Movie

I know from past blog posts that many of you are interested in the creative process. So I thought I would take you on a journey as I prepare to write a Dilbert movie script. Today is the first installment of this story. I expect it to take 6-12 months. I'll update you periodically.

Everyone approaches this sort of thing differently, so this is just my process.

Allow me to first give you some background.

I have tried several times in the past to get a Dilbert movie made.… READ MORE

More ISIS Strategies

I have two new strategies for fighting ISIS. As you know, all strategies for fighting ISIS are impractical, expensive, and terrible. I'm just adding two more bad ideas to the mix.

The only strategies on the table at the moment are these:

1. Seal the borders of the Caliphate and kill every living creature within.

2. Surrender and convert to Islam.

3. Kill some but not all ISIS fighters and guarantee permanent war plus an eventual strike on the homeland. (Current plan.)


Let the Qs Begin

By Lora Cecere
qs 300x134 Let the Qs Begin

Last week was the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. It was great to see old faces at the kick-off. 110 supply chain leaders attended.  I smiled on the week following the conference as the accolades piled up in my inbox.

In preparation for the summit, we readied the final report of the work on translating balance sheet results into a methodology to judge Supply Chain Excellence. This report, The Supply Chains to Admire, compares the progress of 200 companies within their respective peer groups on both performance and improvement.… READ MORE

Wizard Wars

I have dubbed the coming decades the Age of Magic because our smartphones and other technology will soon allow us to navigate our environment as if we are wizards. Doors will identify us as we approach and unlock for the right wizards only. Lamps will respond to wizard hand signals from across the room. Cars will drive themselves. You get the picture. In about ten years you won't need to physically touch anything you want to control. Your location and identity will be continuously broadcast from your smartphone, and because of that your environment will respond to your preferences as if by magic.… READ MORE

Seven Benefits to Flat Supply Chain Costs around the Optimum

By Edith Simchi-Levi
d7875dd9 54ae 4e85 9902 e81840012e35 Seven Benefits to Flat Supply Chain Costs around the Optimum

End to end optimization provides a way to take into account tradeoffs in the supply chain. These are typically between cost and service taking into account many factors that influence the design and flow of the supply chain. The advantage of taking an optimization approach is that provides a “what’s best” solution that can help reach the efficient frontier thereby reducing costs while maintaining service levels.

The most common applications are network design and inventory optimization. Supply chain risk, revenue management, asset utilization and other goals can be pursued in a similar fashion.… READ MORE

The Vice President and the SHED

By Jeff Speakes

In order to better understand the state of household finances, the Federal Reserve has recently conducted a special survey called the Survey of Household Economics and Decision making, or SHED. This is in addition to the tri-annual Survey of Consumer Finances. Key findings from the SHED include the following: (a) most families indicate that they are “doing okay” or “living comfortably,” (b) still, about one in three families felt they were financially worse off than they were five years ago, (c) only about half of the respondents were putting some of their income away in savings, and the median savings rate of the savers was 10% of income, and finally, (d) only about one in four households was actively preparing for retirement.… READ MORE

Calculate Order Cycles for Key Vendors

By Jon Schriebfeder

To avoid a possible stockout, a product should be ordered as soon as its replenishment position or net available quantity (i.e., On-Hand – Committed on Current Customer Orders + Current Replenishment Orders) falls down to its reorder point or minimum stock quantity. That is, a quantity sufficient to meet customer demand during the lead time (plus some safety stock or reserve inventory). Unfortunately, vendors often do not accept purchase orders that just contain one product. Even if they do, the terms they offer for a small order probably prevent you from competitively selling the item.… READ MORE

Book Cover Contest – What Do You Think?

As promised, below are the reader submissions for an improved book cover for my book, How to Fail…

The images are small and fuzzy because my blog software was invented in the sixties. I hope to have that solved soon. But it probably doesn't matter for this purpose because I'm looking for your visceral reaction. Assume the text is the same on all versions.

Do any of the proposed covers look better than my original that appears at the top of the list?… READ MORE

IBS America Exhibiting at AIAG Quality Summit – Sept 24 & 25

By IBS America

2014 Quality Summit – Quality for Emerging Technologies

Stop by and visit us at booth #27! This year’s theme is “Quality for Emerging Technologies” – Don’t miss this event!

New technologies are beginning to pose challenges in traditional testing, measurement and quality assurance. This year’s summit will showcase how companies are assuring quality, reliability and customer satisfaction in the latest electronics and software products, adapting proven processes and developing new quality methods and tools. The 2014 Quality Conference — Quality for Emerging Technologies taking place at Suburban Collection Showplace.… READ MORE

The Shit Sandwich Generation

I call my generation the Shit Sandwich Generation. That's because when I was a kid the most important people in the family were the adults. That was the cultural norm. By the time I became an adult, eager for my time in the sun, society in the United States decided that kids were the top priority.

I can see why the shift happened. Life got complicated, and dangerous, and more competitive, so it was no longer feasible to raise “free range” kids the way my generation was raised.… READ MORE

Q&A on the Supply Chains to Admire

By Lora Cecere
SCI va Gartner1 Q&A on the Supply Chains to Admire

Today we published a new report, Supply Chains to Admire. It is the end of a two-year research project, and identifies which publicly held companies outperformed their peer group on balance sheet results. Here we share the answers to the questions that we get the most often about this research:

What is the source of data? The data analyzed to compile the Supply Chains to Admire 2014 report came from publicly-available information from balance sheets and income statements.… READ MORE