Best. Complaint. Ever.

I got this complaint in my email today. This gentleman says my calendars used to be funny but they no longer are. Read top to bottom to see my response.

—- incoming email —-

Hi There.

I want to share my thoughts on the current [Dilbert] calendar block I am working through this year.

I have had these for two or three years but have been completely disappointed with the content in this years’ effort. Gone are the clever jokes and observations and instead we seem to have an almost formula approach which to me frequently misses the mark.… READ MORE

What is Better Than a Republic?

Most of you would agree that our democratic system (a republic) is flawed in many ways, and yet it is still better than all the known alternatives.

So I thought I would come up with a better alternative.

Keep in mind that the Constitution of the United States was written before the Internet. I doubt the founders would have created the system we have today if they had better tools. So I will try to extend their thinking to modern times, when the Internet provides us with more options.… READ MORE

How Many SKUs Can A Forecaster Manage? —IBF Research Report 14

By admin Cover IBF RSCH Report 14 v2 300x193 How Many SKUs Can A Forecaster Manage? —IBF Research Report 14

It is difficult to arrive at one fixed number of SKUs that a forecaster can manage, because situations vary from industry to industry and company to company. There are several factors at play. It depends on how easy or difficult it is to forecast, what the lead time is, the cost of forecast error, whether forecasts are prepared on an aggregate or granular level, type of data used, whether ABC
classification is used to allocate forecasting time, whether customers’ input are used in reconciling forecasts, and/or the sophistication of technology used to generate forecasts.… READ MORE

New Olympic Event

tumblr inline nsax11SScH1t63ajm 540 New Olympic Event

I have often said that training your kid for the Olympics is a form of child abuse because it is such a waste of time and talent. Especially if you don’t win. Training for the Olympics is a good example of not following the odds.

But apparently things CAN get worse, at least for the athletes that will be swimming in the rivers in Rio that are equal parts poop and water.

If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.… READ MORE

Living by the Odds

I like to live my life by the odds. 

For example, I don’t often ride a bicycle because the risk of injury is high while the enjoyment can be matched by safer activities. For most of my sporting life I played tennis because it offers a good exercise-to-injury ratio. Even distance running is less safe.

As a result of my safety bias, and luck too, I have never had a sporting injury of any major consequence. Today, I really, really want to own a motorcycle.… READ MORE

Thinking Strategically

tumblr inline ns5jw59axY1t63ajm 540 Thinking Strategically

Are you a strategic thinker or a victim?

You’re probably one or the other.

The other day a smart, attractive, 27-year old, white woman told me it was hard to get a job in California because she is a woman.

That’s a victim.

A few months ago I had a minor leg injury that looked like it would keep me from doing cardio for a few weeks. My first thought was that it was an opportunity to do more weight training on my upper body, which I wanted to do anyway.… READ MORE

Combining Load Forecasts from Independent Experts: Experience at NPower Forecasting Challenge 2015

Forecast combination is regarded as one of the best practices of forecasting. I think it is a straightforward and practical approach to improving existing forecasts. This paper describes the method my students took in the NPower Forecasting Challenge 2015. We will present the paper at the 47th North America Power Symposium.

Jingrui Xie, Bidong Liu, Xiaoqian Lyu, Tao Hong, and David Basterfield, “Combining load forecasts from independent experts: experience at NPower forecasting challenge 2015″, the 47th North American Power Symposium (NAPS2015), October 4 – 6, 2015

Combining Load Forecasts from Independent Experts Experience at NPower Forecasting Challenge 2015

Jingrui Xie, Bidong Liu, Xiaoqian Lyu, Tao Hong, and David Basterfield


The NPower Forecasting Challenge 2015 invited students and professionals worldwide to predict daily energy usage of a group of customers.… READ MORE

The Lenovo Way

By Lora Cecere mick1 150x150 The Lenovo Way

Driving supply chain excellence is easier when companies are clear on the definition. Getting clear is a journey. To help supply chain leaders on this journey, we are conducting interviews. Here we share the perspective of Mick Jones, Vice President for Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy, Mick shares these insights. He is coordinating the IBM Supply Chain Integration of the Lenovo Enterprise (Server) Business Groups. The role’s focus is multi-faceted as he designs and executes a new physical network to support the acquisition.… READ MORE

Robots Read News about Dumb Trump

tumblr inline ns01llMUdZ1t63ajm 540 Robots Read News about Dumb Trump

If you can’t see the image because of your company’s firewall, see it on Twitter :

Here comes a little company that is about to change the world with a small device that scans your food and tells you what is in it.

You might be saying this is no big deal. It is just another way for diet Nazis to obsess over something new.

But imagine being able to scan your food and have the device tell you it is unhealthy (in essence).… READ MORE