Success Without Testosterone

Confession: I am a serial interrupter.

If I don’t like what you are saying, I might start start talking over you while hoping my rudeness makes you stop. If I am in a hurry, and you are taking too long to form a thought, I will cut you off just to get on with my life. If you are saying something vague to a third-party, I might cut you off to add my clarification. And if you are saying something illogical, off topic, or in any way unpleasant, I might start talking over you just because I prefer the sound of my own voice.… READ MORE

There Ought to be a Law

By Diana Wales – Special Guest Blogger

There Ought to be a Law

I’m a law and order kind of gal, and I often imagine new ways to catch or punish criminals. For example, when some punk spray-paints his initials or gang symbol all over someone else’s property, I think every item of clothing he owns should be stenciled with something not of his choosing – like Hello Kitty or Tinkerbell – which he’d be required to wear during any probationary period.… READ MORE

Help my MAPE is negative!

By Dr. Chockalingam

I have heard frequently calls for help saying MAPE is high or other complaints saying MAPE is unreliable. Recently we encountered two situations where the calculated MAPE and even the WMAPE were negative.

When your MAPE is negative, it says you have larger problems than just the MAPE calculation itself. Let us examine this a bit.

Simply put,

MAPE = Abs (Act – Forecast) / Actual. Since numerator is always positive, the negativity comes from the denominator.

Your actual demand is negative – meaning first of all you are not using the True Demand concept in your demand planning process.… READ MORE

Reflections on Integrated Supply Chain Planning

By Lora Cecere Lora book tour 150x150 Reflections on Integrated Supply Chain Planning

Yesterday, I presented to 700 global attendees on an APICS webinar. In the presentation, I shared data on the evolution of supply chain planning and the results on user satisfaction. The results confound me. They are not consistent with market perception. Let me share the story.

As shown in Figure 1, users are more satisfied, the implementations are shorter and there is greater Return on Investment of solutions from Best-of-Breed solution providers–especially if the Best-of-Breed solution providers that are industry-specific.… READ MORE

Handling Items with Sporadic Usage

By Jon Schriebfeder

Over the last several months, we have been discussing barriers to achieving lean inventory management. That is, having inventory arriving “just in time” when it is needed by a customer or for use in an assembly or repair. Successful lean distribution is dependent on two factors:

• Known future demand of products
• Consistent lead times for the delivery of replenishment shipments

Last month we discussed problems involving inconsistent lead times. This month we will discuss what happens when customers’ exact needs are not known in advance; that is, when we cannot accurately forecast future demand of products.… READ MORE

Huge Gender Bias Found in Hiring – New Study

CNN reports on a new study showing there is a HUGE gender bias in hiring decisions in the United States and it has been this way in some fields since the eighties. You already knew there was gender bias in hiring (duh) but you probably did not know how bad it was. Check this out: The gender preference in hiring decisions was 2-to-1 in some areas for candidates with equal qualifications. 

That is an embarrassing number for a country that prides itself on equal opportunity.… READ MORE

Sales and Operations Alignment: Often The Missing Link

By Lora Cecere syngenta Sales and Operations Alignment: Often The Missing Link

I pushed aside Shane’s motorbike helmet and jacket to take a seat in his crowded office. It was a beautiful spring day in March in Basel, Switzerland. Shane is a stocky man of medium build, that I love talking to. He is an engaging personality: definitely a people person.

He had recently returned from his recent stint as the commercial leader for Syngenta in Vietnam and was excited to tell me about his beach-side investment in Australia. An Aussie by birth, Shane still speaks with an Australian accent.… READ MORE

Robots Read News – About Music Streaming

tumblr inline nmsui5Z9oY1t63ajm 540 Robots Read News   About Music Streaming

If your firewall is blocking these images, see them on Twitter moves humankind one step closer to spreading our DNA to far-off words on millions of tiny, inexpensive rockets launched at the end of Earth’s run. But I might be reading too much into it.

If you think self-driving cars are scary, wait until your doctor is software. Every new medical device seems to move us in that direction. Here’s a new one for eye exams.

In other news, a researcher says

“A highly coherent qubit, like the spin of a single phosphorus atom in isotopically enriched silicon, can be controlled using electric fields, instead of using pulses of oscillating magnetic fields.” And thank God for that, I say.… READ MORE

Human Rights for Robots

What will happen when computers can simulate human thinking well enough to fool us every time? Will the machines appear “alive” but somehow soulless to us? 

The major religions of the world believe humans have souls. What happens to those belief systems when we see robots that think and act exactly like real humans while possessing no soul? The age of robotics could replace religion, at least for the young. We will come to see our bodies as moist robots working according to the rules of physics, not magical beings with invisible souls that guide our actions.… READ MORE