Clinton Versus Trump – Persuasion Scores

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Today I’ll take you to the third dimension of persuasion to see how Clinton and Trump are matching up lately. I can’t make this post appear balanced because Clinton is making big mistakes on the persuasion dimension while Trump is being his usual skillful self. So the best I can do is remind you that my political preferences do not align with Trump or any other candidate.

We’ll start with Clinton’s new campaign slogan: 


Based on the slogan, I can tell you with confidence that the Clinton campaign doesn’t have anyone with a persuasion background helping with the big decisions.… READ MORE

Build Your Own Corner Office

By Sujit Singh office 730681 960 720 Build Your Own Corner Office

In my recent post on going places, I put forward some of my thoughts on how a young college graduate should approach their career. Here is a different take on the same topic. Let me indulge the civil engineer in me (or what is left of what I learnt in my college days). Let us think of your journey to the corner office in terms of the construction of the building which contains that corner office. Using this as an example, let us look at it.… READ MORE

Are You Putting Lipstick on a Pig? Or Creating New Value?

By Lora Cecere planning 1024x621 Are You Putting Lipstick on a Pig? Or Creating New Value?

During the spring, I get to spend a lot of time in airplane(s) attending and speaking at technology conferences. I have done this for a decade. However, this year is different. I feel more disruption in the air.

There is a confluence of factors. The technology market for new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is drying up. Excess ERP consultants line the bench. With the evolution of cognitive learning, cloud-based analytics, non-relational technologies, and streaming architectures, the ERP vendors are no longer the center-piece of supply chain visionaries’ discussions.… READ MORE

Say Goodbye to Your Mind

Some of you already saw an article in which cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman explains why reality is an illusion. I say the same type of thing in this blog and in my book. But I have low credibility on this topic, so I recommend Hoffman’s explanation.

In order to be an effective persuader, you must embrace the idea that common sense is an illusion. And you must understand that humans rarely (if ever) do anything because of logic and reason. The part of us we consider rational is in reality a rationalizer.… READ MORE

The Health Tell

I have blogged and tweeted that Hillary Clinton looks unhealthy to me. And I have mentioned on Twitter that one of the skills of a hypnotist is identifying subtle bodily changes. Observation is a huge part of a hypnotist’s skill. You look for micro changes in muscle tone, breathing, posture, and anything else that can tell you whether your technique is working or you need to quickly pivot to a new approach. Think of it as rapid A-B testing on humans.… READ MORE

Truth in Transparency

 Truth in Transparency

 Truth in Transparency

It’s been three years since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh that killed 1,135 garment workers when an eight-story building collapsed. The tragedy pushed company leaders to seek greater transparency in their supply chains. It pushed consumers to think about where their goods come from and the definition of supply chain itself. This week, Reuters asked in its headline: “Three Years After Rana Plaza Disaster, Has Anything Changed?” 

“Global fashion retailers say the tragedy prompted them to work together more closely to protect workers in developing nations and ensure the safety of buildings.… READ MORE

Performance-Driven Learning

 Performance Driven Learning

 Performance Driven Learning

Use it or lose it.  Both applied and academic research conclude that the application of professional learning within a short time span helps increase retention.  The longer we wait, the less we retain.  With the integration of the SCOR framework to the portfolio of APICS products and services, our focus on performance-driven learning — directed by the corporation – both increases retention at the individual level, builds shared vision of corporate supply chain strategy, fosters innovative supply chain thinking, and adds business value to both the top and bottom lines.… READ MORE

Can Trump Change the Frame on His Perceived Sexism?

Donald Trump called John Kasich “disgusting” for how he eats. Trump insulted Rand Paul’s looks. He said Rubio was sweaty and little. He mocked a disabled guy (an enemy reporter) who has a bad arm. Ted Cruz turned into “lyin’ Ted” and Jeb Bush got tagged with the “low energy” kill shot.

Trump also said, “Look at that face” about Carly Fiorina. He made a reference to Megyn Kelly bleeding from “wherever” and he calls Hillary Clinton “crooked” nearly every day.… READ MORE

Effectiveness equals Efficiency? How to become “world-class” at nothing.

By Bram Desmet 4. World Class 1.jpg Effectiveness equals Efficiency? How to become “world class” at nothing.

Though it sounds like a joke, many executive teams are exactly on this path. In this blog we’ll define why and how to avoid an infamous future.

Effectiveness equals efficiency. The 1-dimensional view of Supply Chain.

In her book “Supply Chain Metrics that Matter”, Lora elegantly captures that many companies mistake efficiency for effectiveness. To my feeling, it’s much more widespread than we’re willing to admit. Look at your most recent budgeting process. I see many companies define strategies and budgets in an incremental and peanut butter approach like “we’d like you to reduce supply chain costs and inventories with 5% next year”.… READ MORE

Sparking a New Conversation: Let’s Build a Network of Networks

By Lora Cecere shutterstock 176112239 150x150 Sparking a New Conversation: Let’s Build a Network of Networks

Today’s supply chain is inside-out. Companies wait and process orders. They cannot sense and respond to demand. It is a struggle. The processes are largely batch and out-of-cadence with the markets they serve. Increasingly, business requirements are outside-in. The channels are multi-tier and companies are more dependent on outsourcing.

Systems are growing more complex. Yet, the primary means to manage trade with network partners is through spreadsheets and email. It is inadequate.

To solve this problem, we wanted to “spark” a different conversation. … READ MORE

And Then There Were Two

Hillary Clinton effectively sealed her nomination last night. And Donald Trump almost certainly did the same, winning five states by larger margins than the polls and the pundits expected.

Why did Trump exceed expectations?

Probably lots of small reasons added together. But I’ll call out a few from the field of persuasion.

1. Trump’s “lyin’ Ted” linguistic kill shot is working its magic.

2. The so-called “rigged” nomination process has energized voters against the establishment. (Calling the primary system “rigged” was one of Trump’s best persuasion moves of all time.)


The Unfavorability Illusion

Regular readers remember I blogged that Megyn Kelly got her new haircut because of Trump’s influence. This article seems to confirm it.

You also know I predicted that Megyn Kelly would do an interview with Trump that would mark Trump’s third-act solution. That interview is scheduled for May 17.

It is worth noting that while you were watching Trump do his thing, Megyn Kelly came out of it stronger, with a higher profile, a better job, and a sure-fire ratings bonanza with the upcoming Trump interview.… READ MORE